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 Our methodology at work

In the technical field, we follow the scientific means when implementing the projects

Passing all elements of the project building increases the accuracy and quality of the final product. So we focus on the technical aspect that each component of the project takes its share  of the time and effort until our products appear as the picture we have drawn up within our goals with our clients.

HR and ERP System


The Employees section is the most interactive in the human resources system and includes many features such as saving photographs,visa and all employee files, clearance and termination of service process

Salaries and wages

The management of salaries and wages of employees associated with the attendance and departure of employees and leave in addition to the management of employee advances, allowances, rebates and the covenant

Employment applications

The recruitment mechanism has been very easy since it was announced, the organization of personal interviews, the selection and evaluation of candidates

Contract Management

Employee contracts including employee details, profession, work requirements, salary structure, job title, contract type. Manage the structure of salaries, allowances and any other items mentioned in the contract

Operations Managment

The system is fully developed in SMT to follow up work and performance in projects, linking performance results to employees, linking performance results to employees such as permissions, attendance, exit, discount,

Reports and statistics

Provide statistics to collect, summarize, represent and draw conclusions from the data recorded in the system, presented in the form of drawings and drawings make it easy to read. Which also facilitates the decision-making process