About us

Great products for great people

 SMT Technology was established in 2008 as a promising enterprise in the industry Web technologies and e-marketing projects. The philosophy of enterprise management

The technique is characterized by the principle of responsibility and mutual respect with customers,It operates in a distinct environment with a cohesive structure that encourages more Productivity emphasizes the principle of respect for customers and employees.Many service providers promise to provide "integrated solutions" but those Solutions often lack strength and effectiveness.

For our part, we have made efforts For years to form fruitful alliances with local and external institutions In the field of technology has resulted in the introduction of solutions distinctive and effective long-term.

SMT Technology offers technical solutions at competitive prices that meet the needs Future clients by providing advice from competent engineers.

Our vision  

Providing high-quality IT services, support and cost savings Meet the expectations of the market and customers. rate us Integration in performance, commitment to customers, teamwork, innovation Outstanding, professional excellence.

Our Mission

Provide the latest applications used in electronic platforms and administrative systems Hosting services, servers and Internet services that exceed expectations and expectations Customers, by providing the highest level of customer service with the best attractiveness Competencies and preservation, as well as promoting professional ethics and planting value to our customers Our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

Our Team